Chapter 2 – Back, To who she used to be.

     Her car was a bitch. She got it from her grandfather for free, so she really couldn’t complain about it too much. He let her pick one of his cars off his lot and she had fallen in love with it at first site. It was a 1990’s red BMW with a convertible top. It was in good condition too, it just needed a loving touch to make it shine again. She needed to get it a new top, an alternator, and a battery. The battery was the main issue. Her car wouldn’t start that morning. It was a slight annoyance, but she woke up an hour early just in case anyway. She was someone who was prepared for stupid shit to happen and always got to work early. So she put on her hoodie and walked to work. It was a good 30 min walk if she took her time. The air was only a little nippy and she was a tough girl. Nothing really could hurt her at this point because she was giddy that she would get to see Brian that day.
     Then she got to work and realized it was a Sunday. Her day suddenly got even more dreary and she was by herself without a list from her manager. It was her first time without a list and Pam didn’t really tell her what all she needed to do. She ran around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to do the things she had learned. It was terrifying because she didn’t want to let anyone down. It was her worse fear at work to not be good enough. Stephanie had a difficult time getting her first job and on her first day there she had fainted from nervousness. All she ever planned to do when she got to work was give it her all. Work ethic was important to Stephanie. She had watched her dad go to work everyday sick or not and she looked up to him. She wanted to be like her father. Someone people relied on and cared about.
     Lucky for her Craig, her roommate, had jumper cables. He not only picked her up, he helped her jump her car and he looked at it to see how to fix it.’ Yay, almost free labor to fix her car!’ She thought. She really liked Craig, even though he wasn’t very clean. She couldn’t say much because Fernando and her room was pretty messy. She never let it get too bad though because it drove her crazy. The main thing was that she’d clean it and Fernando would instantly mess it up. She’d make the bed and the next morning the sheets were fucked. It drove her crazy, but she loved the little things. She’d wake up at 6 a.m to find his glasses for him. He’d be in the shower and she’d put together his name badge and his wallet. She loved him. She would get out his scrubs and fall back asleep with a smile on her face. Every morning Stephanie took it upon herself to help out her messy love.
     He would always kiss her before he left the house. It felt like they were married. It made her feel whole, because she’d never been so free and willing to be tied down. There were no restrictions on her, but she enjoyed the restrictions she put on herself. Do the laundry every two weeks, fold the clothes, clean the bathroom, or do the dishes. Things she had hated as a kid, she enjoyed because she wanted to make Fernando smile. She had cleaned out his car and her arms were black with how filthy it had been. She had also cleaned his room when he lived with his parents twice. She loved him that much. Stephanie practice cooking for him. She didn’t make anything too complex, but she was dreaming of being the mother of his children. She wanted to get married and she brought it up to him several times. The first thing she had cooked him was shrimp fettuccine pasta. She hadn’t ever made shrimp before, but she spent 2 hours deveining a pound of shrimp. She didn’t know she was supposed to cut off the tails and made the pasta with the tails on. Several people commented on about how she had done it wrong, but he ate it anyway.
     Fernando and Stephanie had met two years ago on a dating site called She had just been through a break up with an ex that she realized she had nothing in common with. Still, his family was on her Mybook and she didn’t want to rush into anything. So, while she was in Lawton she talked to several guys on dating sites without really trying to find love. Finally, after a good month she decided on two guys that she liked the most, and she had been up front with both of them about talking to multiple people to find the right person. They seemed to understand. There was Fernando and Jack left in her queue. Jack had just finished his kitchen and had a house with a shiny new car, all he needed was a trophy wife. Stephanie wasn’t looking to be someones ornament so she told him she found someone else. Fernando was a kid like her. He was in school and worked a cruddy job at UPS during the nights. They had been texting non-stop and just clicked. They talked sex, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and all the weird past stuff that Stephanie didn’t like to tell people.
     Stephanie and Fernando continued to talk for another month until she moved to Oklahoma City. Her first day in the city was also her first day meeting Fernando. He offered to help them move in. Stephanie was tasked with vacuuming the giant house and she did so while talking to Fernando. He was cute, with a boyish charm. He had brown curly hair that he cut to the point you could just barely see the curls. His eyes were emerald green and they glowed with a gentle sweetness that made you feel safe. His arms were muscular from UPS and his smile held a warmth that could make you want to coddle the man. He was sweetness and cuddling with a dash of gentleness.


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