Chapter 1 – Continued 3

     She had decided he was the Devil. No man was that handsome and could lie so smoothly. Bad boy, the term rolled around in her mind like a song. She had hated that term. If a guy considered himself to be a “bad boy,” then she wasn’t interested. With Brian it was different though. There were other men in Bookies that she found attractive, Even more attractive than Brian. One of the stockers, Cole, had pretty blue eyes, clear skin, and a scruffy beard. Stephanie thought he was just as hot as Brian, but that attraction she felt for Brian was so different from the start.
     Brian was interesting, funny, professional, silly, and bad news. He was a slick silver tongued Devil of a man, with a smile that lit up her heart like a Christmas light. Bad boy, the term came to her again. She could never choose him. He’d only hurt her and break her heart. There was no way, she would rather be with someone who loved her for who she really was. Brian often brought up her body, mostly her ass, but her soul? He didn’t even glance at the real her. He didn’t even try to see who she was or to talk to her. He was vain. Her first impression hit the nail on the head.
     With that in mind, she decided to ignore him, Completely shut him out and stay as far away as possible. She put up a wall of “Go fuck yourself,” and “Leave me alone.” Stephanie called this cold, hard bitch mode. When she was putting things on the shelves, she picked the side that was furthest away from the coffee shop, hidden by a wall of shelves. When she wasn’t stocking shelves, she hid behind the counter that was turned just far enough so he wouldn’t be able to see her. She only stepped foot outside that bubble when she desperately had to, but the bastard was crafty.
     Brian just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He would go to the restroom and walk on the side she was hiding, making a bee line towards her. He was so persistent and she loved it. Stephanie couldn’t help loving him chasing her. Stupid, cocky bastard of a man that he was, her heart already belonged to him. She hated that she loved him, hated how infuriating he was, How desperate he made her feel. She was desperate. Stephanie’s body ached for his touch. She had imagined kissing him to the point her lips were chapped from her licking them. She wanted to touch him, to cuddle him, and most of all she wanted to kiss him. It hurt to even imagine it, because she felt like he was out of reach. The second she gave in to his demand she knew he wouldn’t want her anymore. It burned her and she would rather walk away than feed the flames. So for weeks she ached alone, trying not to get hurt.      Finally, she decided to open up to him. Maybe they could be friends?He walked by to go to the restroom, he never actually peed though. She could time him like a clock. There was no one at the coffee shop and he just had to see her. So in a shaky voice she cried out, “Good morning!” to him. She tried to act poised, but she was completely embarrassed. How many times had she practiced this, only to feel completely nervous in the end? Then Brian looked over surprised and smiled in a way that floored her. He could take her breath away just with a smile.
     “Morning,” the word gently caressed her heart and he kept walking like nothing happened, but she melted. How could she possibly be that mans’ friend without wanting to put her hands all over him? He was such a tease. Never going near enough to actually talk to and always buzzing around her like a fly. She wanted to swat him and then she wanted to take all of his clothes off and lick him from neck to navel… to lower. She could never imagine sex with him at work. She just couldn’t handle those images and when she got close to it she’d focus on anything else. When she was home alone though, her mind often drifted to his body, Not just his body though, it was his evil personality that really haunted her. She knew he was the type to tease and images of him tying her up and licking all over her body, she shook at the thought. She didn’t shake from fear, mind you, but from excitement. Stephanie wanted him deep inside her. She would almost beg for it. Almost.


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